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( all taxes extra )
“ Clients comment that being able to enjoy a therapeutic reflexology treatment also has a positive psychological impact on their general wellbeing. Both reflexology and acupressure aim to dissolve any blockages causing ill-health by encouraging the free flow of vital energy through the body.”


Louise Groulx ,

Certified Reflexologist , RCRT




Initiation to reflexology needs assessment and therapy expectations preceding an initial reflexology session.

Free consultation with the purchase of any treatment packages

Therapeutic foot reflexology

95$ ( 1 hour )

Stimulates the reflex zones of the feet,
Releases tension.

Therapeutic foot and hand reflexology

125$ ( 1 hour and 30 minutes )

A more exhaustive treatment, which stimulates circulation and favours the elimination of toxins.

Therapeutic foot and hand reflexology + acupressure

160$ ( 2 hours )

Acts on the entire body provides maximum relaxation. Stimulates circulation, elimination of toxins and favors the natural functions of the organism.

SAVE by booking a series of treatments

Treatment packages (all taxes extra)
Series of 5 treatments
  • Therapeutic foot reflexology  $450
  • Therapeutic foot & hand reflexology  $580
  • Therapeutic foot & hand reflexology + acupressure  $730
Series of 10 treatments
  • Therapeutic foot reflexology   $860
  • Therapeutic foot & hand reflexology   $1125
  • Therapeutic foot & hand reflexology + acupressure  $1440

Cost per appointment is lower when purchasing a series.
Treatment package sales are final.
Rates are subject to change.

House calls:

Add 55$ per visit to selected individual or packaged treatment.

Advanced reservations are required
Cash, cheques, Visa, MasterCard and Amex are accepted

Cancellation policy

24 hours advance notice is appreciated when canceling your appointment. In an effort to provide the best service for you and all clients, please arrive on time. If you are late, your session may be shortened to accommodate following appointments. Thank you!

You should plan for a little extra time for a first appointment to allow for a thorough health history and brief paperwork.

Give the gift of wellness anytime of year.

Happy Birthday! Congratulations! Thank You! With so many health benefits, a reflexology gift certificate is a great idea for any occasion. Purchase your gift certificate at the Réflexe Santé clinic.