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#51-WEBLouise Groulx,
Certified Reflexologist, (RCRT)

Réflexe Santé
336 Grammond Circle, Orléans, On K4A 0W8


Professional Experience, Education & Goals


I received my RCRT credentials after completing my Foot Reflexology training from the homologated course offered by the Reflexology Association of Canada in March 2012 and have been practicing professionally since. I officially opened the micro-clinic Réflexe Santé specializing uniquely in reflexology therapy on June 14th 2012.  In September of 2013, I completed my Hand Reflexology certification and later achieved a Certified Reflexology Teaching certificate in December of 2013. Throughout my years of learning reflexology, I was fortunate to be mentored by my dear friend Nelie, an extraordinarily caring human being and a 40 year veteran of reflexology and acupressure learned from therapist in her homeland of the Philippines. My background in health studies go back to 1985 when I received a bachelors degree in Health Sciences and Nursing from the University of Ottawa, Ontario and later worked in the hospital sector as a registered nurse. In between both my healthcare careers, I worked as a teacher in the private school sector which was an invaluable life experience serving me well today as a reflexology teacher.  Today I continue to learn about advancements in natural health maintenance therapies and wholesome nutrition. My goals are to help my clients with their health objectives, to teach and mentor future certified reflexologist as well as increasing awareness of the benefits of reflexology throughout our region.

Member of:
Reflexology Association of Canada
Ottawa Reflexologist

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