Imagine having your best friends over for a relaxing evening, renew old friendships and discover a natural way to improve health and wellness with reflexology. Choose amongst our Wellness @Home  turnkey packages or let us tailor an event  as original and dynamic as you are.  Either way, Réflexe Santé offers you an enriching and fun experience in the comfort of your home.

WELLNESS @ HOME, Event Packages 

The Reflex Zone!
  • An informative evening on health and reflcirclesexology (origin, therapy and benefits)
  • Demonstration of the various reflexology treatments; feet, hands and ears
  • A period of questions and answers between the participants and the therapist  
  • Guests will have the opportunity to receive a short reflexology treatment at a minimal cost (Cost is based on the duration of the treatment) 

The event is free when 8 people or more attend
(150$ when 7 or less are attending)

The Pamper Party

(6 to 8 people)


For an extraordinary evening, we include the following services to the « Reflex Zone » event.

  • Lavender foot soak
  • Manicure or pedicure
  • 15 minute reflexology treatment
  • One door prize, valued at 85 dollars

85$ per person

Reflexology for Couples

(3 couples minimum)


Reflexology is a pleasurable and efficient way to maintain health, wellness and harmony in the couple. Throughout the evening, participants will learn and apply a variety of reflexology therapies that will minimize the adverse effects of stress in our lives. 

This workshop features all the benefits of our « Reflex Zone » package but also provides couples with the ability to maintain and improve many aspects of their lives.

100$ per couple

The Sublime

(6 to 8 people)

When you deserve the ultimate pampering experience!  Enjoy healthy and exquisite hors d’œuvres and sweet treats plus include all the features of the « Reflex Zone » package for a memorable event without the fuss. 

  • Lavender feet soakTwo woman smiling in bed
  • Manicure or pedicure
  • 30-minute reflexology treatment
  • Body massage by a certified massage therapist
  • Gourmet hors d’oeuvres and sweets
  • Spring and mineral water, selection of fine teas    
  • Individual gift bags
  • Grand prize draw valued at 120 dollars

160$ per person     

A Wellness@Home event is the perfect occasion for you to
iStock_000004020278Smallhave fun and create a comfy cozy ambiance by adding
decorations, candles and soul southing music that
inspires relaxation. It’s also an opportunity for
you and friends to prepare and share your best
hors d’œuvres and sweets recipes while sipping
your favourite teas. Your guests will be glad
to be part of a unique and successful evening.  



Wellness @ Home event packages are available weekdays during the evening or on weekends. You should account for approximately 3:30 minutes for the event, but it can vary based on the group size and participation. Rates are subject to change; all sales are final.