Retirement Residence Reflexology


Elderly adults typically exhibit reductions of rapid coordinated movements. Aches and pains, increasing stiffness, and reduced strength can make advancing age seem a weakened, fragile, and vulnerable state. Regular reflexology treatments, not only relieves tensions and assists the circulation, but also provides the relaxing benefits that activate the powerful action of the self-healing process, especially during an illness.

The benefits of in-residence reflexology treatments are numerous:

  • On location services offer convenience and comfort
  • Relieves stress, anxiety and the sense of isolation
  • Helps preventing old age depression
  • Improves circulation and can prevent complications of diabetes leg ulcers or gangrene
  • Speed up of healing from injury and illness
  • Relieves inflammation that may affect the joints
  • Reduces muscular stiffness and relieves arthritis
  • May prevent muscle deterioration, tendonitis and bursitis
  • Aids various respiratory problems
  • Psychological benefits of compassionate human touch

Bring Wellness Home to

Your Elderly Loved Ones!


Why reflexology is different for seniors and what can you expect during a session?

Reflexology can be given in retirement homes and long-term care facility. The person receiving the therapy is seated in the reflexology chair or if the client is bed-bound, the therapist will administer treatment right on the bed. The practitioners will be enhancing relaxation, sensation and circulation in certain parts of the body. The therapist is aware that an elderly body is more fragile and requires a little extra tender loving care. The following principles are applied. Reflexology sessions will last 45 minutes and the therapist will spend time on both the hands and feet. Each session is tailored to the current health condition and needs of the individual. The technique involves the application of gentle gliding strokes, massage and pressure to the reflex zones of the body.

Packages & Pricing
Adapted Basic Treatment

Stimulates the reflex zones
ofthe feet and hands,
releases tension. 

45 minutes 

for groups of 3 or more

Foot Therapy and Acupressure

A more exhaustive treatment
which stimulates circulation and favours
the elimination of toxins

90 minutes  

for groups of 3 or more

Please note: 

Reflexology treatments are offered to clients in residence at a preferential rate when treatments are delivered consecutively. Réflexe Santé then also waives travel charges. 

The proposed rates and conditions are applicable in the context of a collaborative effort sanctioned by the host residence.  The recipient of the reflexology treatment is solely responsible for the payment of the services rendered unless a different arrangement has been made by the host residence and Réflexe Santé. 

Please note that the client’s specific health condition is carefully considered and reviewed before proceeding with reflexology treatments. Certain health conditions may prevent the therapist from applying or proceeding with treatments.  In some cases, we may encourage a medical doctor’s consent.